Henri Besnier

Financial Performance Lead

As Lead, Financial Performance, Henri is responsible for the enablement of all Finance functions at Innovapost. Through his leadership, Innovapost creates and manages a flexible portfolio/program funding process, generates reporting that supports effective decision making, and acts as a bridge for managing and translating IT cost performance with our stakeholders. Prior to joining Innovapost in 2018, Henri was Vice President Finance at Permacon Inc. A uniquely experienced CPA-CMA executive with more than 20 years of financial and management experience, Henri has held roles at Ernst & Young LLP, Decimal Technologies, EBI CR SA (Costa Rica), Gedden, and FIDO. Henri is a recognized Costing expert and a frequent speaker and trainer for the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) and the Financial Management Institute (FMI). He holds a degree in M.Sc. Management Control from HEC Montreal, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Accounting from the Université du Quebec à Montreal.