Global Trade Platform

Cross-border shipping offers the Canada Post Group of Companies an unprecedented opportunity for growth. According to research from Accenture and AliResearch, business-to-consumer global cross-border e-commerce is forecast to increase from $230 billion in 2014 to $1 trillion in 2020.

Read how the Global Trade Platform is helping Canada Post, Purolator, and Purolator International land international retail customers that were previously out of reach.


Delivering Electronic Shipping Success at Canada Post

Each day, more than 30,000 Canadian businesses rely on Canada Post’s electronic shipping tools to keep their businesses humming. When it comes to managing and maintaining these applications at Canada Post, failure is not an option. Downtime at any point of the e-shipping process would result in significant lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. Read how Innovapost’s Online Channel team ensures the smooth delivery of millions of e-shipping transactions each day for Canada Post.


Postal Code Targeting

To help businesses advertise directly to their ideal prospects, Canada Post recently launched an exciting new addition to its Smartmail Marketing family: Postal Code Targeting (PCT).

Read how businesses can reach out to the people who have the needs, wants, and attributes they are looking for and connect with them in a meaningful way.



Today’s consumers expect their online shopping experience to be quick and convenient. And the customer experience doesn’t end once the product has been ordered—it’s only complete once the package is in the recipient’s hands. Read how Innovapost helped Canada Post give Canadians a new level of control over their mail.


Purolator E-Returns Portal Simplifies Green Operations at Xerox Canada

To remain competitive, Purolator continually develops new capabilities that allow it to reach more customers, businesses and geographies each year. Xerox Canada (Xerox) approached Purolator to develop an automated process to enhance its parcel returns service for customers. This e-returns system would simplify the process used to ship used toner and supplies to recycling facilities.