Delivering Electronic Shipping Success at Canada Post

Each day, more than 30,000 Canadian businesses rely on Canada Post electronic shipping tools to keep their businesses humming. When it comes to managing and maintaining these applications at Canada Post, failure is not an option. Downtime at any point of the e-shipping process would result in significant lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. Read how Innovapost’s Online Channel team ensures the smooth delivery of millions of e-shipping transactions each day for Canada Post.



Purolator E-Returns Portal Simplifies Green Operations at Xerox Canada

To remain competitive, Purolator continually develops new capabilities that allow it to reach more customers, businesses and geographies each year. Xerox Canada (Xerox) approached Purolator to develop an automated process to enhance its parcel returns service for customers. This e-returns system would simplify the process used to ship used toner and supplies to recycling facilities.

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Making a difference in our communities

Since our inception in 2002, Innovapost has been a committed supporter of local charities throughout Ottawa, Mississauga, and Toronto. In that time, we’ve gained a reputation as a company that cares about its communities. Our commitment to social and community responsibility is heightened by our employees’ spirit of cooperation, collaboration and giving. Not only are we making a real difference and noticeable impact in our communities, our community activities further strengthen team relationships and make Innovapost a rewarding place to work. Read how Innovapost employees actively contribute time and resources to the communities in which we live and work.



New Video Conferencing System Connects the Canada Post Group of Companies

As members of the Canada Post Group of Companies, Canada Post, Purolator, SCI Logistics, and Innovapost communicate frequently to discuss common projects and challenges. Until recently, much of this communication was done in person – at high cost. Read how Innovapost introduced a video conferencing architecture and system for the Canada Post Group of Companies that would bring employees, suppliers, and customers together virtually without sacrificing the ‘in-person’ experience.



Canada Post Helps Retailers Deliver a Superior Online Shopping Experience

Canada Post Web Services are best-in-class Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow online retailers to easily integrate real-time shipping, tracking, return and delivery options into their e-commerce or ‘shopping cart’ offerings. To bring the services to life, Innovapost leveraged a combination of commercial, open source and custom-developed software to develop the APIs, and then worked with Canada Post to create a robust online developer support Program. Read how Canada Post shipping web services are being installed and managed by online merchants to deliver a seamless and convenient shopping experience that their customers expect and deserve.